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The lady of the night Earrings

The lady of the night Earrings

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Introducing "The Lady of the Night," a pendant inspired by the enchanting Night-blooming Jasmine. The name pays homage to this fragrant flower, known for releasing its intoxicating scent after dusk and associated with purity, love, good luck, and beauty. Delicately crafted, this pendant features a small plant in full bloom, adorned with tiny stars and a crescent moon.

As night falls, "The Lady of the Night" captures the allure of moonlit gardens, where the Night-blooming Jasmine unveils its blossoms under the cover of darkness. Each detail reflects the serene beauty and mystique of these nocturnal blooms, inviting you to embrace the magic of moonlit evenings with grace and elegance.

Designed in Mumbai | Handmade in Jaipur | Handcrafted with 18kt gold dipped brass

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