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Celestial trio Necklace

Celestial trio Necklace

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Introducing "Celestial Trio," a pendant that embodies the mystical allure of the cosmos. Featuring a majestic jaguar, sparkling crystals, and a rising sun motif, this pendant captures the essence of strength, clarity, and vitality.

The jaguar symbolizes power and protection, while the crystals evoke purity and enlightenment. Combined with the rising sun, it represents new beginnings and endless possibilities.

Crafted with intricate detail, "Celestial Trio" is a statement piece that radiates celestial energy and serves as a reminder to embrace your inner strength and pursue your dreams fearlessly. Wear it as a symbol of empowerment and connection to the cosmic forces that guide and inspire us.

Designed in Mumbai | Handmade in Jaipur | Handcrafted with 18kt gold dipped brass

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